I overcomplicate things sometimes. Okay, most of the time. Instead of sitting down and posting I spend all night trying to fix my blog and download new themes I have no idea how to work. Instead of taking a few photos and posting them I obsess about getting the perfect photo. So, I take way too many photos and soon I have a mess of photos stored all over the place that I need to delete, edit and organize. Oh, and backup in 3-4 different ways just to make sure I don’t lose them. Meanwhile, most of them get lost in the piles of photos and none of them get printed. It’s time to simplify. So, I am going to attempt to post some photos of my kids and our life that mean something to me. Maybe they aren’t all perfect. It’s okay. G’s first few years were well documented. Each year there are less photos until there are pretty much none. Miss C has nothing documented other than some photos that are still sitting on my computer waiting to be edited. There are no posts on this blog about her. No birth story. The mommy guilt is eating me alive! I am not going to do baby books. Not right now. Hopefully one day. I’m not going to blog weekly about life so it’s time to lower my expectations. However, I hate that I don’t have something on here to go back and look at later. I forget so much. It flies by and it’s all a blur. So, even if there aren’t words on the post there will be photos. For me. And hopefully anyone out there that reads this blog will enjoy them too.


The feet. Always propped up on the end of her tray when she eats.