Well, I blinked and summer was over, another school year begins. Somehow going into 1st grade is making me just as sad as kindergarten. The school year goes by way too fast and summer even faster. His first day went well and he seems to like his new teachers. The school bus ride home was a disaster as expected, but at least it wasn’t his first time ever riding the bus. He had several friends on the bus from last year to keep him company. It was less fun for mom and sister who were sitting in the hot sun for over an hour. Then when we got home this happened.


Raging fever from her MMR vaccine last week. She fell asleep while playing on the floor. Never a good sign. It was a rough night without much sleep and a really high fever, but she is feeling a bit better today. She doesn’t start preschool until after Labor Day so summer continues a bit longer for her.