December is such an exciting (and stressful) month! We had a very busy month and I tried really hard to grab some photos of all our events. I’m just now sitting down to edit them all and hope to get them all posted here!

We started the month at Pullen Park for the Holiday Express. It was Caroline’s first Christmas event and first time meeting Santa!

Crafts and letter to Santa























We were supposed to go on the first Sunday evening, but it rained and our rain date was Monday. Unfortunately, Casey couldn’t get there until our train ride time so he missed our visit with Santa. I had no intention of having Caroline sit with Santa. I made that mistake when Graham was one and we never tried again until last year. Since I didn’t have my helper I put Caroline down while I tried to take a quick photo of Graham with Santa. Well, she walked right over to Santa when she saw brother sitting on his lap. I put her on his lap and her face was priceless. No tears, but she was worried. I managed to grab one quick photo and got her down before she lost it.



This was also Caroline’s first year with an advent calendar of her own. A good friend told me about the Little People Advent calendar and it was a big hit! Graham was more excited about her calendar than his Lego one, but it was his third year with the Lego calendar and I think it’s time to move on to another calendar for him next year. Caroline really wanted to open them all at once, but after a few days she realized it was a once a day deal.


We did our annual gingerbread house and Caroline made a mini house, maybe the shed….





I like to attempt a photo of the kids in Christmas jammies before Christmas since things get a bit crazy as Christmas gets closer. Getting two kids to sit nicely and take a photo is pretty tough and this year Caroline was extra challenging. Graham still makes crazy faces whenever he sees a camera (thanks Disney World) so he has a weird smile or closed eyes is most of the photos. Caroline decided she wasn’t in the photo mood as seen below.



Making gingerbread cookies is a tradition that goes back MANY years. Graham wasn’t as interested in rolling or cutting the dough this year, but was happy to help with the decorating and taste testing.



Cookies for Santa


Surprisingly the kids slept in on Christmas morning and I think Caroline was actually awake before Graham! Santa brought Caroline a Duplo train set and tracks. Graham got the Lego cargo train and a RC helicopter. Last year Graham was really upset about our elf Freddie leaving on Christmas Eve so this year he stayed around for a few more days. Santa also lets Graham pick up and hold Freddie on Christmas Eve (you can see him in a few photos). Later in the morning my parents and brother came over to open the many other gifts.


A few photos from dinner at my parent’s house. The kids got snowglobes and Graham managed to drop and shatter his about 3 hours after this photo.




There are lots more photos on flickr HERE.