IMG_20170512_174946_845May was awhile ago and I am behind on my photo editing so I’ll post all my Instagram photos from May and try to remember what we did all month! May is a busy time of year around here, end of school brings lots of activities. I also decided to start a 100 different projects around the house including putting out a ridiculous amount of mulch and building a fort for the kids (which still isn’t done). Graham had a long weekend in early May so we took a day trip to the zoo. It was Caroline’s first trIMG_20170519_134806_379ip and Graham’s third. We have a membership, but rarely go! It ended up being a chilly day and we forgot to bring a stroller.  The NC Zoo requires a lot of walking so we had to rent a stroller for the day. Even with the chilly weather and lack of stroller we had a great day. May is also a month for picking strawberries. Caroline and I went a few times while Graham was in school, but he was pretty sad about missing out on strawberry picking. So, we went one Saturday so he could pick too. IMG_20170529_143956_015He also wanted to make jam, but after about 5 minutes of work he left me in the very messy kitchen to finish it. I have to admit it is pretty good, but it was a huge pain!

Caroline finished her second year in preschool and her last year as a Turtle. She’s been in the same class for two years and adored her teachers. She was the baby in class when she started, couldn’t even crawl yet, but she was the big girl in class at the end of this year.  I bought her this dress when she was 1 and she IMG_20170524_104131_762refused to wear it, but she has recently decided she likes wearing dresses and insisted on wearing her tutu dress even though it’s a bit small. I have to admit I kinda like that she wants to wear dresses now.

Graham finished up first grade in early June, but managed to throw in one last random illness for the year. I figured kindergarten would be a bad year, but he only missed 2 days! First grade wasn’t so kind to us and he had a high fever in late May. Unlike his sister he is a really easy sick kid and slept on the couch all day. Caroline and I hung out upstairs all day and had a picnic on my bed.









There are a lot of photos for June so I’ll get to work on that this weekend!